What is FeLis?

The project involves the implementation of electronic licensing and certification system that will virtually link both national and regional BFAR personnel and private sector stakeholders to shorten the transaction time and costs.

FeLis specifically aims to address the recommendations contained in the Country Evaluation Report of the EU entitled “Accompanying Developing countries in Complying with the Implementation of Regulation 1005/2008 on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated(IUU) Fishing” and in the EU Audit/Mission Final Report dated 21 February 2012, one of which is for BFAR to “improve its catch certification scheme by developing and implementing adequate IT tools.”

System Feature

Fishing Vessel e-Licensing System (FeLiS) is an online license application and evaluation. It provides the fishing vessel operators the capability to apply,check the application status and view details of the following licenses: Commercial Fishing Vessel/Gear License, Fishing Gear Registration, International Fishing Permit and Special Fishing Permit. Evaluation and approval of license, reports generation, checking, adding and viewing of vessel details will be done online.


Total Number of Records

Registered Fishing Vessel Operators 34

Status of CFVGL Application

Status Description Total Number
For Uploading of Attachments Required Forms are filled-up and submitted online 0
For Evaluation Attachments are uploaded 0
On Hold Requirements has error or/and needs to be completed 0
For Signature Director is evaluating the application 0