BFAR-ARMM was created by virtue of MMA Act No. 86 of known as “An act providing for an Aquatic and Fisheries Code of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purpose.” And Administrative Order No. 01, series of 2006, the Implementing Rules and Regulations. Pursuant to Section 19, Article XII of R.A No. 6734 there is hereby created a Regional Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources under the Regional Department (DAF-ARMM); that DAF-ARMM as the Regional Department of RBFAR-ARMM shall transfer assets in accordance to Article IV, Section 6, Rule 6.5 of the Implementing Rules and Regulation of MMA Act No. 86.
In order to implement the Code and operationalize BFAR-ARMM, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries-ARMM transferred all facilities/centers and eighty-one (81) plantilla of fisheries personnel on June 2001, 2006 including the MOOE budget of the fisheries sector. And on January 2008, Personnel Services (PS) has been downloaded to BFAR-ARMM.

      The declared policies of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao stated in the Code are :

a. To achieve food security as the overriding consideration in the management, development, and utilization of fisheries and aquatic resources in order to provide the food requirement of the people;
b. To limit access to the fisheries and aquatic resources for the exclusive use of Filipinos, preferably the ARMM residents;
c. Ensure the rational management, sustainable development and intensified conservation of the fishery and aquatic resources in ARMM to maintain sound ecological balance of the environment;
d. To protect the rights of fisherfolk in the preferential use of the municipal waters shall be based on Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) or Total Allowable Catch (TAC);
e. To provide support to the fishery sector, primarily to the municipal Fisherfolks, through appropriate technology and research, adequate financial support, production and marketing assistance, and other services;
f. To manage fishery and aquatic resources consistent with the concept of an integrated coastal area management; and
g. To grant the private sector the privilege to utilized fisheries and aquatic resources under the basic concept that grantee, license or permittee – not only be privileged beneficiary but an active partner.

      BFAR-ARMM has the overall responsibility in the management, development and protection of the region’s fishery and aquatic resources. With the lack of manpower, the bureau has a difficulty to carry-out its mandate and the different programs and projects of the region. it strives hart to meet their goals and expectations of the people in ARMM.